The New Hampshire Academy of Family Physicians (NHAFP), was established in 1949, is a non-profit organization committed to quality community health. Membership of the NHAFP includes family physicians, residents and medical students.
To the end that the people of America may receive excellence in health care, the Academy has for its objects and purposes the following:
  • To promote and maintain high standards in family medicine.
  • To encourage and assist young men and women in preparing, qualifying and establishing themselves in family medicine.
  • To preserve the right of the family physician and general practitioner to engage in medical and surgical procedures for which he/she is qualified by training and experience.
  • To assist in providing postgraduate study courses for family physicians, and to encourage and assist practicing physicians in such training.
  • To promote the science and art of medicine and betterment of the public health, and to preserve the right of free choice of physician by the patient.
  • To acknowledge and assume responsible public advocacy in all health related matters.